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Father Son Matching Outfits: Baby Blues

Father Holding Toddler Wearing Blue Polos Gray Jeans


I went through my closet and my kid’s closet this morning and pulled some items out for us to wear for the day. This is nothing new. But, on this particular day we got mad attention from the barista lady at Starbucks, who called my son handsome and kept wanting to reach over the glass and pinch his cheeks.

We’re not claiming we’re ever going to launch a clothing line like Yey  or anything, but we (and by we I mean my son, obviously) have a pretty good eye for affordable father/son fashion. He could totally hang with Mini Style Hacker  and no one would think twice. Two peas in a pod I tell ya.

So let’s get down to it. Even though many brands cover baby all the way up to adult, perfect father/son matching outfits are difficult to find. Since we weren’t able to find a perfect match, we went with a complementary casual look that could work any day of the week in almost every father son setting imaginable.

Dad and baby both went with blue polos, but to not draw too much attention (and snickers), we’re going with complementary instead of perfect match. Perfect matching is a commitment we prefer to use sparingly. Not to mention, it is very difficult to achieve since there’s no clothing stores for little tikes and big papas!

Father son matching outfits

Baby’s Top (Cost – $14)

First up, for my toddler we picked this Carter’s “Neon Blue” polo.  Cost $14. The “neon blue” or what we dad’s might just call “baby blue” is a fresh look for summer and will have all the ladies going “awwww.” The crab insignia along with the sky blue color evoke beach scenery, and we like the beach.

Carters - baby blue polo

Neon Blue Polo from Carters

And the best kept secret about Carter’s: there’s ALWAYS a sale going on (sign up for their emails) so this shirt can be got for as little as $7.99.

Papa’s Top (Cost – $17.99)

Next up is dad. Lately I’ve been all about this dad polo look. It works in most settings, I don’t have to look like a bum in a t-shirt, I have plenty of time in that role while I’m at home.

royal blue fitted polo

Mossimo Blue Polo from Target

This Target midnight blue polo  fits me really well. Aka it is a hipster dad’s dream. Also, it has a similar feel and texture to the Carter’s polo that baby was wearing.

I’m really not sure what’s up with this guy’s choice of shorts and am definitely not cool with this look. I’m not much of a shorts guy anyway, but these are border-line boxers. I wouldn’t go in public wearing these. Keep scrolling to see what we picked for Dad to wear from the belt down. Hint: not shorts.

Papa’s Bottoms (Cost – $50)

Because of boxer guy, we’re skipping Baby’s bottoms and going straight to fix Papa’s pants (or lack thereof) issue. This past fall, gray was all the rave.  “But this is a summer outfit, you can’t do gray,” said no dad ever. Let’s face it, we papas like bending the rules a bit. We say it’s OK to buy fall gray and continue wearing them in the summer. You spent an entire season breaking those bad boys in and they’re finally fitting you like a glove, and who wants to give that up? Not this guy.

Levi's Gray skinny jeans 511

Gray 511 skinny jeans from Levi

Presenting  the gray Levi 511 skinny jeans. Great for winter, spring and summer, and then fall and winter again and on and on. Well, for dad at least. Baby boy will obviously go through several pairs in that time frame.

Baby’s Bottoms (Cost – $28)

I’m telling you from personal experience. These gap gray baby’s skinny jeans attract the most attention over any other item in my baby’s wardrobe. Plus, unlike all the regular fits that you can buy, these skinny jeans actually stay up around his waist.

Skinny Jeans from Baby Gap

Gray Skinny Jeans from Baby Gap

Baby’s Shoes (Cost – $12.99)

To finish off this outfit, these gray canvas sneaks with blue laces and accents tie baby’s shirt and jeans together and are also great with lots of summer outfits. From Target.

Target baby sneakers

Baby’s Gray Sneakers with Blue Accents from Target

Dad’s Shoes (Cost – $38)

For dad’s shoes, we decided to go with these rad gray Vans . They’re in the surfside collection, which means they’re great slip-ons, but they have laces so you don’t look as lazy as you are. Also the footbed is foam so it’s not as prone to odor if you’re going sock less. And if it does pick up an odor, you can easily take them out and wash them to be like new again. I’ve got a pair, and I wear them literally every day now. They might be my new favorite casual shoe.

Galivant Reef Men's Shoes

Men’s Canvas Reef Galivant Shoes

Outfit Round-up:

Baby’s Outfit:

$14 – Neon Blue Polo (get it on sale for less!)
$28 – Gray Baby Gap Skinny Jeans
$12.99 – Gray Canvas Sneaks from Target
Total: $54.99

Dad’s outfit:

$17.99 – Blue Polo from Target
$50 – Gray 511 Levis Skinny Fit
$38 – Gray Surfside Vans
Total: $105.99

Note: These items were handpicked by me, PapaRush, from mine and my son’s closet, and I have not been paid to promote any of these products. I’ll always let you know when and if I’m being paid to promote products of any kind. Because I’m cool like that.

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