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Pink is The New Black – Vintage Dark Side Of The Moon T-shirts For Papa and Toddler

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon is perhaps one of the most recognizable album covers of all time. Its imagery is iconic.

And it is so for good reason. When the band’s 8th studio album, and undeniably their most significant work, hit the Billboard charts in 1973, it stayed there until 1988. A full 741 weeks! No wonder your mom AND your grandma can identify “Money” as soon as the sound of the cash register comes on the stereo. The album – which is basically one continuous 43 minute song – defied all logic with its commercial success. More than 50 million copies sold to date. A stroke of pure genius by four music makers at the top of their game. It is easy to see why it is revered as the greatest rock album of all time.

The imagery of the light passing through a prism is as visually arresting as it is transformative and a perfect complement to the sonics of the album. Can you tell my inner music nerd is getting all stoked up for this? I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd. This album is one of my top 10 favorites of all time.

So when ToddlerRush and I spotted complementary vintage tees sporting the iconic cover art, we simply had to have them.

This look only set us back roughly $22 at Target (and you can get the look for even less if you buy online while they’re available). A win, win, win. MamaRush thinks ToddlerRush is too young to appreciate the sentiment, but that doesn’t keep us from playing it on the stereo when she’s not around. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Get PapaRush’s Dark Side Of The Moon T-shirt – $9 at Target.com
Get ToddlerRush’s Dark Side Of The Moon T-Shirt – $8 at Target.com

Note: The men’s version of this is no longer available on Target.com, however, I did find a boys version of the shirt which might work in a larger size for some dads.

Here’s ToddlerRush sporting his fresh new tee:

Toddler wearing pink floyd dark side of the moon t-shirt


PapaRush & ToddlerRush:

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset


Note: These items were handpicked by me, PapaRush. I have not been paid to promote these tees. I’ll always let you know when and if I’m being paid to promote products of any kind. Because I’m cool like that.

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