Papa Rush is a stay-at-home dad. He's living his perfect life being able to balance all the things that are dear to him: family, blogging, making music, and sometimes taking cool photos.

Honest Papa

As the summer heats up, ToddlerRush and I are having to get creative with our outings. Last week we decided to try out Altadena Park in North Central Phoenix since the park's "splash pad" was finally operational. We'd actually been to this park a couple times before, but the pad was under repairs so we just played on the slides and swings. It was always fun and low key - just us, our friends and maybe one or two other moms and kids. Pure paradise. It was all too good to be true.

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Hi, I'm PapaRush, a father of two boys, husband and work-at-home-dad. Although, I still make cool things, my first focus is raising kids and hopefully one day getting my office space in my house back.


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